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3 Port NMEA Combiner
Need to connect your AIS radio, GPS and other gear to your MFD or Chartplotter?

Introducing the YakMUX 3 Port NMEA 0183 Combiner with USB. This is the ultimate in easy to use NMEA combiners. Just power it up, connect your NMEA devices and YakMUX starts doing it's thing. If you want to get all your NMEA data into your navigation software on your PC then just plug the YakMUX into your PC/Tablet/Laptop with the supplied USB cable and you're good to go, or you can connect to the PC's serial port by utilising one of YakMUX's outputs. When using USB you don't even need to supply external power as the YakMUX uses so little power it can run off the USB port.

The YakMUX has 3 ports that can be independently set to any speed, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600. You can also map YakMUX's inputs to any combination of outputs to suit any configuration of equipment. This includes the USB in and out for communication to and from your navigation software. Setting YakMUX up is a breeze, just connect the USB cable to your PC, tablet or smartphone and start your favourite terminal software, type in STOPMUX for the setup menu and follow the onscreen instructions. We can even pre-configure YakMUX for you if you don't have access to a device with a USB port.

There are LED indicators for all NMEA inputs and outputs and one for power as well so you can easily monitor your data flow. You'll have no trouble fitting YakMUX into even the tightest of spaces... it's tiny at only 60mm x 37mm x 17mm and weighing in at a mere 30 grams.