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Seatalk1 to NMEA 0183 Bridge
The 'SeaYak' ST1 to NMEA Bridge is a tiny yet powerful device that connects to your Seatalk1 network and converts all the data into NMEA 0183 senteces. The sentences are then output via a differential NMEA 0183 port for direct connection to a chartplotter, or any other device with an RS232, RS422 or NMEA 0183 port. The SeaYak easily converts the data from all of your on-board instruments such as wind, depth, speed, GPS, autopilot etc. Depending on the available Seatalk data the following NMEA 0183 sentences may be sent out: DBT, MWV, VWR, MTW, VHW, HDG, HDM, HDT, RMB, RMC, VTG, XTE, BWC, APB, GGA, GLL, ZDA.
ZERO Setup... just plug and play!
Simply connect the SeaYak's input to your Seatalk1 network and connect the SeaYak's output to the NMEA 0183 input of your chartplotter or other NMEA 0183/RS232/RS422 equipment. The output of the SeaYak can be set to 4800 or 38400 by an internal switch. here
Hook Up...
Simply connect the SeaYak to your SeaTalk1 network.
And Go...
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